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Coomera Home Curtains Blinds

LOCATION: Gold Coast - Coomera

DATE: 2015

SALES REP: Joe Fraser

INSTALLED PRODUCTS: Curtains and Blinds


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A brief tour of the window furnishings in a Gold Coast / Coomera home we recently completed featuring a range of curtains and blinds manufactured and installed by A Curtains and Blinds (Gold Coast and Tweed Coast).

This home features a variety of curtain and blind types and is a start point to see how various products will look in your home.

The jewel in the crown are our signature s fold or wave fold curtains – our leading product here at A Curtains and Blinds.    This style of curtain is modern and ensures the curtains fall properly without requiring ‘training’ the way traditional pinch pleat or reverse pleat curtains have always needed.

This video really highlights and features our beautiful sheer s fold curtains which flow and wave in the gentle breeze.  We love sheer curtains in all rooms as they move easily and don’t make noise when they move in the wind.

Light, neutral colours for both the roller binds and sheer curtains allow the rooms to look larger and spacious and make the home look classy and refined.